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iPad Backlight issue

iPad 2, 3, and 4 backlight issue.

We got a lot of questions from our customers and fellow techs about iPad backlight issue after screen replacement, a simple screen replacement can turn into nightmare for those who are not familiar with these common issue. We writing this article to help answer some of the common questions and hopefully we’ll help you to understand better and lead you to the right direction to repair the iPad.

1. Why backlight went out?

iPad 2, 3 and 4 backlight filter are sensitive but not as much as the iPad mini in our previous article. The reason that cause the backlight filter on your iPad to burnt out is the lcd was still on, or the iPad was not power off properly before remove the lcd connector. (that might be resulted from defective digitizer, damaged power flex prevent you or whoever were doing the repair to power off the iPad before remove the lcd connector).

2. What is the filter and what is the backlight ic?

Backlight filter and backlight ic are two different components. The diagram below show an example of the backlight component from iPad 2 board

That gives you an idea what the backlight filter and the backlight ic look like on the iPad logic board (please note, these components location are different on iPad 3 and iPad 4).

3. How do i know which component to replace?

Inspect, and test them first. First take a look at the filter (you might need a good microscope to see the details), if you see any burn mark, or any crack, or any visible damage, then that’s mean the filter is bad and need to be replaced. We do recommend to replace these components with the parts that has the same value or specification (DO NOT MAKE JUMPER). The reason we do not recommend to make jumper because the filter is there to protect other components on the circuit. So if you make the jumper, and without the backlight filter there, and if something shorted out, you will run into the risk of damaging other components on that backlight circuit.

4. Where can i find the replacement parts?

We do have them here:

iPad 2 Backlight Repair Kit

iPad Mini Backlight Repair Kit

iPad 3/4 Backlight Repair Kit

5. Do you offer iPad backlight repair service?

Yes we do, we offer backlight repair service for all iPad, iPod, and iPhones. Here are some of the iPad backlight repair services from our website:

iPad mini backlight repair

ipad 2 backlight repair

ipad 3 backlight repair

ipad 4 backlight repair

6. How do i prevent backlight issue on my next repair?

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS turn off the iPad before the repair. And if you need to make adjustment, which required to remove LCD connector, please make sure to power off before disconnect the LCD connector. And if for some reason you can’t power off the iPad because the digitizer is not work, try hold down power button and home button while the screen is on, the screen should turn off after a few seconds and the iPad should be off. Or for some reason because the power flex is damaged which prevent you to power it off that way, then try to loosen up the screws that securing the board onto the casing, gently lift up the board from the battery to discharge the power on the iPad.

Hopefully this article is enough to cover some of the questions and concerns about iPad backlight issue, however backlight repair required experienced soldering skill, professional tools and equipment therefore we do not recommend anyone without experiences and proper equipment to try this at home. This is not a guide or repair tutorial, we (comp horizons) are NOT responsible if you damage the logic board from repair attempts. Let us know if you need help with the backlight repair on your iPad, we have 100% success rates on these repairs as long as the board is not damaged from soldering attempts.

Hope everyone enjoy this article, have a great week.

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