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The LSMT offers industry focused on mobile phone repair training programmes designed to reflect current technology changes within the mobile phone industry and latest techniques. LSMT attracts focused and ambitious students who are looking to become the future technicians. Our professionals are dedicated to life-changing education and research. With a vibrant and well equipped training centre, we provide exceptional teaching and practical learning to inspire and empower our students for professional success.

We are a privately owned educator within the mobile phone repair industry and we are based in London. We offer a platform for individuals who are looking to develop their understanding of the Smartphone and tablets repair business or looking to supplement their main source of income. Our faculty is comprised of an alliance of professional technicians, many of whom have come from companies such as Geek Squad, Samsung service centre etc.   We teach through a combination of theoretical and practical sessions, with continued guidance available both in house and online. Working in partnership with a number of phone repair establishments, we provide both cutting edge technology and increased employability for our students.

Phone, tablet and laptop repair courses in London

​Why choose us?

  •  Free Unlimited Repair Practice After the Course

  •  Professional Certification 

  •  Free refresher classes 

  •  Job Oriented

  •  Small batch

  •  Many suitable for beginners with no experience

  •  Highest calibre of training provided

  •  Courses include 20% of theory and 80% practical

  •  All equipment and tools are provided at our training centre

Mobile Phone Repair Course: Mobile phone repair professionals do not have to spend a lot of time training for their career. Mobile repairing is easy to learn and can be learned in a period of just 5 days. The repair procedures and methods are very easy and this is why training programs are short covering technologies and products which are relevant to the technicians. At the same time, if you want to join a mobile repairing course, there are plenty of reasons to join LSMT. With experienced trainers and an extensive syllabus which is topped with career advice and free technical support, our training center is the preferred choice for students who want to learn mobile repairing to make a good career in it. If the technician requires further training on new technologies whenever they are introduced, LSMT offers programs that cover new technology in a time-saving way so that work does not get affected for these professionals. ​ There are  many courses can be found on mobile phone repairing but as a learner you’ve to find the best one in order to get maximum result of your effort. We’ve compiled a comprehensive curriculum to guide students through practical troubleshooting methods and resources. We will teach you how to repair mobile phones, tablets and PC, how to run business and much more. ​ School of Mobile Technology keeps on keeping up retail repair focuses all through the east drift, and our recently propelled training which creates business opportunity. Our rivals are deserted the advancement stepping stool, giving their understudies old and obsolete data. ​ Not at all like different courses, do you need to apply for work after you take a course. You can telecommute, with an accomplice, with stores, and even from a van on the off chance that you'd like, and make conceivably £4000 to £8,000 a month, contingent upon the quantity of clients. The quantity of individuals owning phones will continue expanding, not diminish. There will dependably be harm to telephones, which is the reason this business has been around since the main iPhone in 2009. Beginning with the dismantling of the mobile phones, this course will take you through different well known PDAs in the business sector nowadays. By rehashing the recordings and through practice, you will pick up the specialized mastery in dismantling and reassembling mobile phones and tablets. ​ With these essentials aced, the course will show you how to analyze a telephone through the procedure of disposal, to productively and viably repair the new generation phones at all measure of time and exertion. Screen repairs make up most of the repairs, so we have particularly centered on those repairs alongside miniaturized scale fastening. ​ Complete with hypothetical idea of how phones work and how circuits work in addition to the business know-how in profiting, you will get an undeniable authentication of fulfillment after completing the course. You can begin and maintain your own particular business, as a portable screen repair administration business, and take in substantial income. Repair the bugs out when the operating systemstarts. Bunches of screens get tears and tears, and look unattractive following a couple of years in the climate.

Mobile Phone Repair Business: The phone repair business is a £1.8 billion pound industry in the U.K. alone, which is developing quickly with a considerable measure of interest all around. Since there is almost no start up expense and you can hop right around here, today. You will learn orderly, from specialized skill to the business information of how to profit from this course. If you are looking forward to start a mobile repairing business of your own, then you can be quite successful at it too. ​ Operating a mobile phone repair business can be very profitable. It doesn’t matter where you’re based at – whether you’re in Europe, USA or in Asia.  Here’s the thing: Almost everyone uses a mobile phone repair service sometime in their lives. ​ At our training center we teach you how to start your very own mobile phone repair business with little experience and a small investment.  How you make your profits are through repeated business from your clients who then use word-of-mouth to help you scale your business. Not to mention that mobile phone repairs can come with high profit margins. All you need to operate such a profitable mobile phone repair business is to have the proper instruments, skills and a small shop (or even online or a work-from-home model).



Do you want to advance in your career? Start your own business? Or earn some extra money?

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