The School of mobile technology offers industry focused mobile phone repair training programmes designed to reflect current technology changes within the mobile phone industry and latest techniques. SMT attracts focused and ambitious students who are looking to become the future technicians.


We are a privately owned educator within the mobile phone repair industry and we are based in London.


We offer a platform for individuals who are looking to develop their understanding of the Smartphone and tablets repair business or looking to supplement their main source of income.

Our faculty is comprised of an alliance of professional technicians, many of whom have come from companies such as Geek Squad, Samsung service centre etc.


We teach through a combination of theoretical and practical sessions, with continued guidance available both in house and online.

Working in partnership with a number of phone repair establishments, we provide both cutting edge technology and increased employability for our students.

Mobile Phone Repair Course: Why we are best?


The phone repair business is a £1.8 billion pound industry in the U.K. alone, which is developing quickly with a considerable measure of interest all around. Since there is almost no start up expense and you can hop right around here, today. You will learn orderly, from specialized skill to the business information of how to profit from this course.

There are so many courses can be found on mobile phone repairing but as a learner you’ve to find the best one in order to get maximum result of your effort.

While School of Mobile Technology keeps on keeping up retail repair focuses all through the east drift, and our recently propelled training which creates business opportunity. Our rivals are deserted the advancement stepping stool, giving their understudies old and obsolete data.


Why are best in this industry?

  • Startup expenses to open your own particular retail repair focus

  • Provide access to respectable wholesale parts suppliers

  • Tools and hardware expected to work your repair focus

  • Inventory startup costs and what's require

  • Retail space designation and where to work together

  • Marketing methodology to drive moment activity for your business


Take in the aptitudes that you should analyze and repair broken mobile phones and at last figure out how to profit from repairing telephones.

What you will learn from us?

  • Diagnosing an issue

  • Screen repair

  • Replacing faulty parts

  • Repairing water damage

  • Micro soldering

  • Circuits repair

  • Business ideas

  • Profit quickly

Not at all like different courses, do you need to apply for work after you take a course. You can telecommute, with an accomplice, with stores, and even from a van on the off chance that you'd like, and make conceivably £4000 to £8,000 a month, contingent upon the quantity of clients. The quantity of individuals owning phones will continue expanding, not diminish. There will dependably be harm to telephones, which is the reason this business has been around since the main iPhone in 2009.


Beginning with the dismantling of the mobile phones, this course will take you through different well known PDAs in the business sector nowadays. By rehashing the recordings and through practice, you will pick up the specialized mastery in dismantling and reassembling mobile phones and tablets.

With these essentials aced, the course will show you how to analyze a telephone through the procedure of disposal, to productively and viably repair the new generation phones at all measure of time and exertion.

Screen repairs make up most of the repairs, so we have particularly centered on those repairs alongside miniaturized scale fastening.

Complete with hypothetical idea of how phones work and how circuits work in addition to the business know-how in profiting, you will get an undeniable authentication of fulfillment after completing the course.

You can begin and maintain your own particular business, as a portable screen repair administration business, and take in substantial income. Repair the bugs out when the operating systemstarts. Bunches of screens get tears and tears, and look unattractive following a couple of years in the climate.


You don't need to purchase new screen windows to make them like new once more, you can settle them right on the spot for property holders and organizations.


You can supplant the old screens with new ones, at a small amount of the expense of new screens. You can purchase screen material at home change stores, and they additionally have the hand instruments to cut, and supplant the screen material, and make it look pleasant, tight, and new looking once more.

You can call some neighborhood screen repair administration organizations, and get an appraisal to perceive the amount they are charging for screen repairs, and that would give you a smart thought what the going rates are.

You can make up a few fliers, and place them in sandwich baggies, with a couple stones or rock to give them a little weight, and after that drive around gradually and hurl them into every carport you gradually drive by, to get new clients to call you. You ought to likewise have some pleasant signs on your auto, so clients can call you to repair their phones to and you will be able to make money.