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Comprehensive Level 3 Micro-soldering




5 Days

About the Course

 You will learn: 

  • Soldering

  • Desoldering

  • IC Repair

  • Motherboard fault finding

  • Schematic diagram reading

  • Replacing ICs

  • Data Recovery

  • Board cleaning agent and solutions to treat liquid damage cell phones

  • Repair missing on-board Sim Connector, Switches, Battery connector,

  • SD memory connector

  • Phone automatically shuts off- Power Cycling

  • Repair missing on-board components, circuit bridging and jump ring techniques

This course is designed for experienced technicians who has basic knowledge of smartphone repairs, troubleshooting and diagnostics procedures. The course covers advanced board-level soldering, Micro-soldering, troubleshooting, diagnostics and chip level repairs for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, LG phones and iPad Mini (Nokia, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Blackberry, Huawei can be included upon request).

Course Syllabus:


  • Basic PCB diagnostics, 

  • Short detection & Removal 

  • Introduction to Multi-Meter use and fault finding 

  • Parts sourcing & management 

  • Fault diagnosing and Troubleshooting 

  • Tools & equipment guide   


Lecture module:

  •  Motherboard structure analysis

  •  Schematic diagram reading, and Board view Software introduction.

  •  Boot circuit diagnosis and repair. 

  •  Display and touch circuit analysis, iPhone 6 display and touch fault diagnosis and repair.

  •  Camera fault diagnosis and repair.

  •  Wi-Fi fault diagnosis and repair. 

  •  Baseband circuit fault diagnosis and repair. 

  •  Radio-frequency circuit analysis

  •  Audio circuit troubleshooting. 

  •  Charging circuit analysis and repair. 

  •  Compass, Gyroscope and restore error analysis and repair.

Hands-on Module:

  • How to use typical repair tools like Hot air rework station,

  • Soldering Iron, Ultrasonic cleaner, Microscope, etc.

  • Logic board fault finding, Multimeter use, Component voltage, and shortage check, chip desoldering and blackadhesive removing techniques.

  • Chip IC replacement, IC Reballing, EMI shield removal, and Micro soldering techniques.

  •  Remove/replace FPC connectors on the PCB, BGA

  • IC Reflow, IC Repair, Backlight Fix, Charging Port Connectors, SIM Card Connectors, Battery Connectors, Wi-Fi Connectors, board SD Memory Card Connector, Multi-Pin Data Port, Multi Vibrator, Charging IC Touch IC (iPhone) iPad mini touch connectors, iPad mini charging IC replacement.

  •  Motherboard bonding pad Jumpering techniques,

  • Desoldering and glue removal techniques.

  • Home button fingerprint repair and NAND Flash Memory replacement and upgrading.

  •  Common problems, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

  •  Comprehensive hands-on practice.

Who should join?

Anyone who wants to make a career in smartphone repairs can join this course. Business owners can also add repairs as an additional source of income. Students from science or engineering fields can learn mobile phone repair at our institute to understand electronics and telecommunications in a much better way as cellular phones are the most advanced gadgets in electronics today. Students who wish to learn repairing of wireless devices as a hobby are also most welcome to join.

Phones, Tools, Equipment & Supplies

 Motherboards  provided for hands-on exercises along with opening tools, equipment use and repair supplies.


Certified Smartphone Micro-Soldering Certificate Level 3 is awarded upon completion of the course.​

Your Instructor

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