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Advanced Laptop and PC Repair Level 3 Training Program




5 Days

About the Course

Advance Laptop and PC  training Course is Suitable for people , Who already have done Level 1,2 training with us or have professional Computer hardware knowledge

         What you will learn:​​

Schematics or Block diagram of laptops and PC

How Diagnose a Laptop and PC with Block diagram

Testing of electronic componentsResistors, Capacitors, Diode, InductorsFuse, Transistors, Mosfet & IC’s

Special Training On BIOS Programming

Special Training On BGA Machine

Service Centre Class

Advance Testing and Repairing Tools

CRO Machine & BGA Machine

Universal Bios Programmer

Digital Millimeter Desktop Diagnostic

Card & Laptop/PC Diagnostic Card

Identify each component & IC’s in Laptop/PC motherboard

Component checking by analog and digital multi-meter

Using of DC power supply

Soldering and Desoldering practice of  IC’s

Removing and Inserting SMD Components

Tracing Different Section of Motherboards:

Power supply of different chips vcc core, 5v sus, 3v, 1.5v, 1.8vsus, 5v, 2.5v

1st Power stage primary 5v, 3v (Always On)

2nd power stage secondary 2.5v 1.5v 1.8v

3rd power stage VRM CPU CORE 1.3v

CPU Core voltage section

Stand by voltage section

Chipset voltage section

Battery charging/Discharging section

Ram voltage section

Clock generator section

Bios chip section

Chip Level Practical (Using Solder Iron, BGA Machine, SMD Machine)

Chip Level Troubleshooting (Using Multimeter, CRO, Diagnostic Card)

Your Instructor

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