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Microsoldering and jumper wire

#Soldering a #jumper wire becomes necessary for repairing any problem in mobile phone while repairing it when a track is broken. Tracks are the connections through which current flows in the #PCB (Printed Circuit Board) of the phone. These tracks also supply voltage to the various spare parts. They cannot be seen as they are inside the circuit board. The #motherboards of #handsets have 7 to 10 layers depending upon the model. If a track or line is broken, the part to which it supplies voltage will not work.

🛠️At our training center in London and Manchester we teaching students how to check whether the track Is broken and we need To make a jumper, we show the ways to search tracks on a PCB (using multimeter, check through schematic diagrams) and more different techniques.

To ensure you get your first choice of start dates, visit our website, select your training program and choose the options that work best for you.

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