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Price: £999


      1 week

      Monday to Friday

      11:00am - 4:00pm

      Evening Classes

      Mon - Fri

      5:30pm - 9:00pm

What you will learn?

   Laptop Basic

  • What is Computer software?

  • What is Operating System?

  • How to install Operating System?

  • Window Installation

  • Partitioning

  • Formatting

  • Driver Installation

  • Offline driver installation

  • Online driver installation

  • Manual driver installation

  • Application Installation

  • Antivirus

  • Microsoft office

  • Windows Backup & Restore.

  • Windows Settings and Security.

  • Workgroup Networking & Internet Concept.

  • Identification of Desktop part

  • Adapters: Types, work, volt, Ampere, pin detail, Basic problem.

  • Battery: Types of Battery, work, volt, pin detail, Basic problem.

  • LCD: Types LCD, Company, size, Wideness.

  • Inverter: types of Inverter, pin detail.

  • Hard disk:- Type of Hard disk, Company.

  • Keyboard: Type of keyboard, Basic problem.

  • Body: Hinges size, Front Panel, back Panel.

  • Motherboard:- Type of Motherboard, company, Identify.

  • Ram: Types of RAM, Company , pin detail, volt.

  • CPU: Types of  CPU, Identify.

  • CD/DVD: Type, company, Basic problem.

  • Troubleshooting of all part problem

  • Laptop and Desktop Assembly & Disassembly

  • Laptop Assembly & Disassembly

  • Desktop Assembly & Disassembly

  • Troubleshooting of common problems


Software Section

  • Installation of windows on secure boot enabled laptops (latest laptops have this security)

  • Installation of Windows without losing customer data

  • How Recover Data from formatted Hard Disk

  • How to create Bootable USB Pen Drive

  • Networking: – IP address Ipconfig, Assigning IP address



Hardware Section

  • Identify each component & IC’s in Laptop motherboard.

  • Testing of electronic components

  • Resistors, Capacitors, Diode, Inductors & Fuse

  • Soldering Techniques

  • Soldering and De-soldering practice of Component

  • How to repair DC Jack

  • How to repair lcd and Led

  • How to repair Speaker and Headphone socket

  • How to repair Keyboard and Mouse

  • Desktop Diagnostic Card

  • Laptop Diagnostic Card

  • Using of DC power supply.

How to fix

  • Dead Systems

  • No display

  • Dim display

  • Freezing System

  • System getting hang after 10 mins


We not only train, but also provide technical support and guidance to all our students. No wonder, LSMT is considered the best mobile repairing institute in London. Students from all over UK join here to get the best training. 

It is short term course and anyone joining it can make a quick career. A career in mobile repair industry is in high demand and generates high income. Hence anyone who wants to make a positive career can join this course and start earning a living on completion of the training.


In our mobile phone repair training, you will not have to attend like in a school or college. We have made learning it a fun. Students who are academically weak or not interested in studying further can join us to make a quick and bright career.


Education, electronics background or previous experience is not required to join our mobile phone repair course.


Laptop, PC and Mac Repair Course Level 1,2 and 3

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